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Drama with Lorraine

The boys and girls of first and second class had an exciting morning. They used their imagination, with the help of our drama teacher Lorraine, to take a trip to Mount Everest! They had to plan their journey and overcome adversities to reach the summit. We are very grateful for Lorraine’s support. The children really […]

Tom Crean’s Rabbit

First class are currently reading ‘Tom Crean’s Rabbit’ by Meredith Hooper, as a class novel. They are all really excited to find out where Tom will put his pet rabbit. The children are also learning lots about Antarctica and expeditions.

An samhradh

Táimid ag foghlaim faoi na séasúir. Léigh na páistí scéal an bhéar mór agus an béar beag. Scríobh siad faoin samhradh. Tharraing siad pictiúir de gach séasúr.                                 

First Holy Communion

14 girls and boys of second class made their First Holy Communion on Saturday. It was a fantastic day. They all completed songs, prayers and readings very well. Their teachers are very proud of them!

Alfie Green and the magic gift

  The second class girls have just finished reading their class novel – Alfie Green and the magic gift. They all really loved the story and enjoyed reading it together as a class. The girls completed book reports on the book. Then they created their own book cover.               […]

Designing and making towers

For science this week we have being working as a team to design and make towers. First we planned what equipment we would use. We also planned the design for our towers. We went about building our tower. After this we evaluated our tower – the positives/ negatives, and decided how to improve them. We […]

Art – Claude Monet

As we learn more about summer flowers, we have begun to learn about the famous impressionist Claude Monet. Impressionism means painting how things make someone feel rather than how they look. Monet always made great use of colour.                                   […]

Native Wildflowers

This month we are learning about all the flowers that grow naturally here in Ireland. We recognized many of them from our school yard and gardens. Some great girls picked some of them for our nature table. Everyone drew their favorite native wildflowers. We are really excited about the new wildflower garden in our school.


First and second class spent this afternoon investigating how magnets attract some metals. They also explored the strength of magnets attracting paperclips through various materials. They finally used magnets to move a paperclip through a  maze. They had great fun!          

Food Dudes return

                    This week the whole school have been lucky enough to receive another round of fruit and veg from the food dudes. This time round the children got a chance to taste different fruit and vegetables, such as pineapples, baby corn and melon.